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The Weiss Ranch

Our Farm

Raising Quality Bulls...Its more then just a Passion..

The Weiss Family Farm has been established since 1941.We've had commercial cattle for a few decades but didn't get into the bull breeding business until the late 2000's


Quintin and Parker continue to strive for nothing but the best. They have a new take on selling private treaty bulls. Community Involvement, new approaches to herd management and building a life time connection with customers across  Alberta,BC and Saskatchuwan.


The Team


Keith Weiss - Happily married for 30 plus years and father of both Quintin and Parker.

Keith has been working in the agriculture industry for 45 years but has always had a passion for farming since he was a young boy. He is a Red Seal Heavy Duty Mechanic. He works hard along side of his boys while managing the rest of the farm and ranch. His favourite time of year is calving and putting the cattle out to pasture. Keith continuously supports his sons in the purebred business and puts full trust into the decisions they make. 


Quintin Weiss - Proud father and recently happily married. He is a graduate from Lethbridge College and spent 7 years working in Law Enforcement.

Quintin finds his groove in the Pure Bred and Commercial beef operation. He gets the calves on the ground and is in charge of sales. He selects herd sires, pasture management and seeking out the next dispersal sale. 
 He continuously does research, speaking with customers, fellow producers and sales staff from Westgen, ABS and Gennex on what the newest and best genetics that are developing in the Angus industry. He will work with you based off of your needs to find which bull will suit you best. 


Parker Weiss- Graduated from University of Saskatchewan with an Agriculture Business Degree Majoring in Animal Science. The running joke around the place is we call him the "hired hand", but when we say hired hand we are more talking along the lines of AI breeding. He has a great conception rate but it doesn't stop there. While working with our local vet he access calves and cattle that might need a little extra attention and determines the best route to go on calf care and health.

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