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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have picked the bull I want but I have no where to keep him? Can he stay here till breeding time?
    Yes, he can stay on our high quality forage diet until you need him! With our competive daily rate, extra bedding and housed in a safe and socialized enviroment, You can rest easy as you have the bull of your choice and know he will be ready to head out to the field and work for you come spring!
  • What does your Total Mixed Ration for the Bulls consist of?
    Our dietican formulates a specific TMR for our bulls to enhance peformance and productivity in the field. High protien hay, barley and/or corn silage. We do not believe in push feeding.
  • What are your prices?
    Prices are based off of Genetics, Age, Cow or Heifer Bull. Our goal is keeping prices reasonable while still with-holding quality. We also do volume discounts for bulls based off 2 or more bulls purchased at same the time.
  • What is your availablity for viewing?
    We are availabe anytime for viewing, if its a Sunday, early morning hours or after dark. We have a lit viewing barn ready for your viewing pleasure, in any weather condition.
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